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Adding new quotas on CDot


Hi all,


I am trying to add a new batch of qutoas to a volume where quotas are already enabled. We have no qtrees defined the quotas are just applied on the volume. This works fine for already defined users however when I add a new user quota and do a quota resize I get the following error:


skipping new definition for DOMAIN\USER (type:user target:DOMAIN\USER qtree:"");

 The only way to fix this seems to be to disable quotas on the entire volume and re-enable it again - this is fine with a small amount of files and users but this won't scale for us.


Does anyone know how to add new quotas and have them take effect without having to disable/enable quotas on the volume?


Thanks in advance!



Re: Adding new quotas on CDot


You need to define a default quota for that volume - then you should be able to do a resize without having to do a off / on.

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