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ONTAP Discussions

Admin / Operation Port Speed, what is the difference and which one is really running


the port speed is 1000/10000Mbps on Admin/Oper. What is the difference between Admin/Oper, which speed really it is running under? Can I change Admin speed online if I have to?


Thanks in advance for your advisors. 



"Oper" is the speed / status the port is currently running or operating. Admin is the status you configured it to have.


Changing the speed will cause it to re-initiate the connection.


net port modify -speed-admin



some of ports being set to 1000/10000. Should I change them Admin to 10000 as well?

If I change Admin's speed to 10000, as you said, there will re-initiate the connection, would that cause LIF be migrated?

Why we need Admin, if we already have Oper?



The Administrative-State is the status you want it to have. Operation-State is the status you observe.


So maybe you want to enable a port. You set Admin Status to "up" but there is no cable connected to the port. So it can never reach Oper Status "up" and will stay in Oper Status "down".


If you set the Admin Status to 10000 but the remote switch has only a 1GB Port, the Oper Status will stay at 1000.


I don't know if the LIF will be migrated. It would be saver to migrate it off the port manually before changing the configuration.


What will be currently oper speed in this below case when administrative speed is 1000 but oper speed is "auto":


Node: nst-fas8080-14
Speed(Mbps) Health
Port IPspace Broadcast Domain Link MTU Admin/Oper Status
--------- ------------ ---------------- ---- ---- ----------- --------
e0M Default Mgmt up 1500 1000/1000 healthy
e0a Cluster Cluster up 9000 1000/10000 healthy
e0b Default vlan_2471 up 9000 1000/10000 healthy
e0b-2471 Default - up 9000 1000/10000 healthy
e0c Cluster Cluster up 9000 1000/10000 healthy
e0d Default vlan_2472 up 9000 1000/10000 healthy
e0i Default - up 9000 1000/1000 healthy
e0j Default public up 1500 1000/1000 healthy
e0k Default - down 1500 1000/auto -
e0l Default - down 1500 1000/auto -


The port status is "down". Down ports don't operate, so they have no valid oper speed.


Is it ok to have "auto " in operational speed,  In my opinion operational speed should have some Numbers in which speed is auto-nogotiate between two ports ?

any thoughts


select operationalSpeedRaw,administrativeSpeed,linkStatus from network_port;
| operationalSpeedRaw | administrativeSpeed | linkStatus |
| 1000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP |
| 10000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP |
| auto | AUTO | DOWN |
| auto | AUTO | DOWN |
| 10000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP |
| 10000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP |
| auto | GIGABIT_1 | DOWN |
| 10000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP |
| 1000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP |
| 1000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP |
| auto | GIGABIT_1 | DOWN |
| auto | GIGABIT_1 | DOWN |
| 1000 | GIGABIT_1 | UP




the switch has always been 10Gb.


I just don't know why Admin and Oper speed been set differently here?

Should I change Admin to 10Gb, same as Oper speed?

Why one port has two states, and what Admin state is used for?

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