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Aggregate Not Showing VSC


Hi All

I have an issue with NetApp VSC.

I have 2 aggregates created on different nodes within a 2 node cluster. I have assigned both aggregates to my desired SVM using the command;

vserver add-aggregates -vserver svmname -aggregates aggr1,aggr2

I then check that the aggr is added to the SVM using;

vserver show-aggregates -vserver svmname

when running the VSC wizard to provision the datastore I can select a SVM but can only see one of my aggregates (cluster node 1) but cannot see the aggregate on cluster node 2 in the VSC console despite confirming the aggregate is part of the SVM.

I have also rediscovered all.

The only difference is the aggregates are on different nodes and one is all FAS disks and the other all SAS disks.

Note if I create vvol datastore I can see my SAS aggregate as an option. Perhaps traditional datastores can only be created using FAS aggregates?

just wondering if anyone has an ideas?

Thank you


Re: Aggregate Not Showing VSC


Hi there! This is probably something that our support team would be better to deal with, as it may require interactive troubleshooting. The behaviour you are seeing is not due to a programatic limitation or difference between AFF and FAS.


NetApp's support contact details are available on the web at https://www.netapp.com/company/contact-us/support/


Hope this helps!

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