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Assign disks from an old system


I'm pretty new to NetApp, and I'm completely stumped. I had 12 disks from a retired system that I tried to add to an existing shelf (the disks are identical in model/size). The old controllers were 7-mode and the new is a Cluster mode 8.3.


The system saw the new disks, showed them as unknown and zeroed, and I was able to assign them to my preferred controller. When I looked at the disk list, I didn't see 12 new spares as I would have expected to. I looked at the details of the disks and they show as beloning to Controller #1 (which I assigned) and aggregate #2 (Controller #1 owns aggregates #1 and #4).  


I thought maybe something went crazy with auto-assign, so I turned off auto-assign, unassigned the disks and started over, but got the exact same results with auto-assign off. So I presume the disks are still assigned to the aggregate from the old system (I cannot verify this, as those controllers are unavilable)?


Is there a way to assign these disks as spares so that I can create a new aggregate or is there some kind of "nuclear option" zeroing process I can do to remove the old system assignment?


Or is this just a support call?








Worked like a charm. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!