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Automatic node referrals CIFS and support for Hyper-V



What is correct info regarding Automatic node referrals during a Hyper-V setup over SMB?

I have found a document from netapp, published 09/09/2018: https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1030128/~/how-to-set-up-svm%2Fcifs-for-hyper-v-over-smb-

Under chapter: General SVM/CIFS Server and Share Configuration Requirements, chpater 12.3

it says Automatic node referrals must be disabled for Data ONTAP versions 8.2.0 and earlier. Automatic node referrals are supported in Data ONTAP 8.2.1 and later.


I just wonder if that is correct.. that is the only information that says it is OK to use on CIFS -share to Hyper-V (If you have above 8.2.0)


All other artical says that it is not supported.
(Example "SMB/CIFS Config guide for Hyper-V/SQL, from Netapp, published feb 2019" https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMLP2494083 on Page 20: • Automatic node referrals must be disabled)

My problem today is that one of my nodes in my HA cluster (ontap 9.4) owns all SMB-sessions.
I do not know why the SVM-server forward all SMB traffic to one of the node.
I have two SMB LIF´s, one to each node in the cluster. The DNS (external) is setup an both LIF´s have its own IP address registered in the DNS.
When ping from my hyper-V hosts the DNS roundrobin works fine. But it does not matter, when the SVM-server keeps sending all traffic to the same node.
If I do a simple filecopy from my hyper-v server to the CIFS-share by using IP-address, then the traffic goes to the correct node.

That is why I want to use Automatic node referrals, to split the load equal over my nodes in the cluster.


Any tips?

Best regards, Pelle Dahlkild

2650 dual node HA cluster, switchless, ontap 9.4

3-node hyper-V cluster (Win 2016)




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