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Backup from a filer (Schedule)


Hi all,

Current situation= Filer has been schedule to take the backup of the data on some tapes or harddisks, we dont have the client installed on any application or on SAN which will take the backup or will keep the record of the transaction. Filer use to do this. And backup and the Storage in use both are in the same place, what if some disaster occurs?

Requirement=   I want to make my filter to take the backup on tapes/harddisks which is currently present in some other office. My question is, is there any kind of distance restriction b/w filer and tapedrive or backup harddisk?

We have point to point connectivity b/w the offices and the distance b/w the office is round about 10 to 15 KM.

Any suggestions or recommandations.



Re: Backup from a filer (Schedule)



Probably the most obvious route for backing up the filer to a remote location:

Buy another filer with some SATA disks & SnapVault Secondary licenece & buy SnapVault Primary licence for the existing filer (if not already bought). Then locate them next to each other, do baseline transfer over LAN, then ship the secondary to a remote location & do SnapVault backup updates over (almost) any IP link.


Easy, peasy


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