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Best practices for new storage FAS 8000 implementation


We have receiving Net app filer 4 node cluster. It supports 80TB and we are separating for Finance data, HR Data, Engineering data, Public data separately and workloads for SAN boot for ESXI data. We are enabling ISCSI, FCOE, NFS shares and CIFS.


I need a  best practices before implementing this filer in our organization.


  1. Which is best options to Design for non-disruptive operations during upgrades and Power event failure in case of two nodes failure (All the times data should accesable).
  2. All storage is managed by storage Admins so is it recommended to create single VSM? Or different VSM for different teams like HR, Finance etc,
  3. Is recommended to create single aggregate or multiple aggregates for different teams.
  4. Is recommended to create aggregate based Protocol we used like FC, NFS, ISCSI separately.
  5. For performance perspective I need ESXI boot to be more fasters I have around 10x2TB SSD drives out 80TB Raw size .
  6. Enabling Snapshots