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Best pratice for NFS4

i am running cluster 8.2.3p3 , export-policy on volume is ro is any and rw is any and superuser is none. and when i have specify policy on qtree with server names on it . user canot make changes as root. But when i changed export-policy on volume super-user to sys or any. Qtree with same policy can be mount and made changes on any Server.


What is the best pratice so that NFS4 as root access on only specfied server(both solaris and linux) on qtree export-policy.


Re: Best pratice for NFS4



You can refer the below document which talks about Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Best Practice and Implementation Guide






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Re: Best pratice for NFS4

i have been through documentation.it does not explain about using NFS3, NFS4 and cifs at the same time.

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