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Best process to decom volume



I've managed to screw up what I thought would be an easy process. 

All of our volumes are SnapMirror'ed to another cluster.  Occasionally we decommission a volume that is no longer needed.

We do this is a fairly cautious manner. 


Our general process is:


  • Ticket to remove decom volume comes in.
  • We unmount / remove junction path
  • Offline the volume
  • Wait nTime
  • Delete the volume

We are brand new to managing NetApp so we're sort of feeling stuff like this out for the first time.  Unfortunately now that it's time to delete the volume, we're seeing complaints about the SnapMirror not being able to remove the destination or break the relationship.


Would someone be able to provide the general steps for decommissioning a SnapMirrored volume so that I can see what we are missing in our process?




Re: Best process to decom volume


For the volume that you've already offlined, you can just bring it back online to delete/release the SnapMirror relationships so that you can delete it. My process is typically something like this: 


1. "snapmirror delete" command on destination SVM 

2. "snapmirror release" command on source SVM

3. Offline DP volume

4. Unmount source volume 

5. Offline source volume

6. Wait n hours/days

7. Delete volumes


Re: Best process to decom volume

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