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Booting looks different on some systems


I know this is probably something simple that I'm overlooking. I have 2 FAS2220 systems and ones boots what I would consider normally. It boots the primary kernel gives me the option to go to the boot menu and then proceeds to the login prompt. The other controller in theory does the same thing but after it boots the primary kernel it goes into an extremely long scrolling of all the hardware, dimms etc like a maintenance or service boot of some kind. I'm assuming this goes on in the background of the other controller and every other NetApp system I've ever seen boot, which is quite a lot. It's not really an issue but I would really like to know how to turn it off and I can't figure it out for the life of me. I figured it might be an environmental variable of some kind but no luck so far. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Booting looks different on some systems


I would check the boot variables below from the LOADER prompt:


LOADER> printenv boot_verbose -> Should be ***undefined***

LOADER> printenv bootarg.init.console_muted -> Should be "true"

LOADER> printenv bootarg.init.verbose- > Should be ***undefined***


If the bootarg.init.console_muted variable is set to "false" it will definitely add a lot more output to the boot.

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