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Broken Disk shown


FAS2240-2 running 8.1RC3 in 7-mode.


We had a network failure that caused a failover for one of the 2 controllers on our FAS2240-2.  

Performed a 'takeback' that was unsuccessful.  

Performed a 'reboot' that succesfully restored the filer.

Users have access to read/write and did not lose data, but the disks show a status of "Broken" as viewed from the opposite controller, ie, Controller A shows the disks in odd-numbered bays as "broken" and vice versa for Controller B with the even-numbered bays.


I have looked at this KB article but the disks are not failed. 



The Logs do not say anything about a failure or error on the disks.


Re: Broken Disk shown



You can't perform takeover/giveback operations, while there are broken disks. 

Re: Broken Disk shown


To this today, i still dont' understand how people run RC code in production.   It boggles my mind..


You should look into upgrading when you get your shelf/disk fixed.  And I would call support

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