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CANNOT ACCESS WEB GUI after update SP to 5.7


Hi, kind of an emergency to an extent.


FAS2650 user here.


We have a single node cluster in a remote data centre thats sole purpose is for us to snap mirror all the valuable files to a DR site. We had an alert from Active IQ to update the SP Firmware.


Updating the Firmware went fine, and then we updated the internal switch for SP and ran the sp switch rest command. The ssh session closed for a second but was able to get back onto the session without a hassle.


After the SP internal switch update i had a alert from our monitoring software that the HTTPS service died on the NetApp thats at the DR site.


Has been around an hour since the occurance and wanted to know why this happend and is there any way to fix this? I can log into the system console through SP but cannot SSH directly into the cluster IP.


From System Console, i ran the system service web show command and the HTTPS service seem to be [ONLINE]


Any help would be more than appreicated!


Re: CANNOT ACCESS WEB GUI after update SP to 5.7


From the SP you can navigate to the node shell using the command "system console".


What the status of the lifs and ports?

net port sh

net int sh


is the IP you try HTTP to is on it's home port and the port is up?

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: CANNOT ACCESS WEB GUI after update SP to 5.7


The only possible way that the SP and internal Ethernet switch config update could impact access to management of its host node is if you are using the e0M port for the mgmt. LIF home port (the internal switch "connects" the e0M port out through the external "wrench" port). Is that the case?

I would recommend you open a technical case with NetApp Support to investigate further.

As a workaround, you can try moving the mgmt. LIF to another available port that might be on the same IP subnet.

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Re: CANNOT ACCESS WEB GUI after update SP to 5.7


Update your SSH client. If using PUTTY, try downloading and using the most current version.

It is possible that after the upgrade, some ciphers and such were removed.

Re: CANNOT ACCESS WEB GUI after update SP to 5.7



I'm having this issue too


How can I make the workaround ? what should be the command ?

thanks in advance 

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