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CIFS shares migration from 7-mode [different aggregate but same controller head]


Just sharing this info - 


Objective : Moving CIFS shares from EOL Shelf to Supported Shelf with-in the same 7-mode Controller.  First setup & initialize SnapMiror between source volume to destination volume on supported Disk Shelf Aggregate.

This order worked well for CIFS migration:
cifs terminate on system*      = T
mirror update                             = U
Quiesce mirror                           = Q
Break mirror                                = B
Offline source                             = O
Rename Source (_old )          = Rs
Rename dest (orginal)           = Rd
Cifs start                                       = S

All the shares & Permissions worked as it was before.


*=If you want 'shares' to point to original path after volume rename, then you must shutdown(terminate) the CIFS at system (controller) level and not volume level.