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CN1610 Replacement

Per the following announcement, the NetApp CN1610 switch won't be supported past 12/31/2020. We have been using it since we moved to Cluster Mode and need to determine which model to replace this with. Is there a KB article or other resource that lists the supported replacement models? I couldn't find a section of the IMT with this information.




Re: CN1610 Replacement

End of availability doens't mean end of support.  It just means they won't be selling it anymore.     for EOA/EOS dates check hwu.netapp.com not the IMT.   End of support looks to be 12-Dec-2024   

But looks to be that no new versions of ONTAP will support it after December 2020.  So... after 9.9?  something like that if I had to guess.


The  BES-53248 is the direct replacement. 

Re: CN1610 Replacement

Thanks @SpindleNinja! I was referring to no support from OnTAP past 12/31/2020 which to me effectively ends support. If the hardware is supported 4 more years I can't imagine not upgrading OnTAP during that timeframe :). 


Thanks for the info on the BES-53248. This is a BroadCom model vs. NetApp, right? Are there any other supported models as well, just to know what all the options are?

Re: CN1610 Replacement

It's a Brocade/Broadcom supported model.  There are a few others, they are all Cisco branded i believe.  

Re: CN1610 Replacement

Thanks @SpindleNinja . Do you happen to know if there is a complete list of choices somewhere? I take it the Brocade model you mentioned is the recommended / preferred replacement?

Re: CN1610 Replacement

The docs for it say it's the direct replacement.   Not required, but if if you were about to sell/buy a CN1610,  you might want to look at the BES.   Or if you want a comparable upgrade.   


Here's a couple links for you: 







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Re: CN1610 Replacement

@SpindleNinja that first link is just what I was looking for! Thanks for all the help.

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