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Can I change snapshot name not to include the date and time?


We have data centers around the world so we have different time zones, it would help if we configure it they way it is in 7DOT, for example:

7CODT hourly.0 in cDOT it is hourly.2013-11-15_0401



Interestingly, the option you want looks like it is a volume attribute.

Take a look at "volume modify -sched-snap-name". 

Quoting from the Commands_Manual_Page_Reference under the volume modify command:

[-sched-snap-name {create_time|ordinal}] - Naming Scheme for Automatic Snapshots

This option specifies the naming convention for automatic Snapshot copies. If set to create-time, automatic Snapshot copies are named using the format <schedule_name>.yyyy-mm-dd_hhmm. Example: "hourly.2010-04-01_0831". If set to ordinal, automatic Snapshot copies are named using the format <schedule_name>.<n>. Example: "hourly.3"

But when you actually try that command on a clustered filer, it does not work: "Error: command failed: Option sched-snap-name is not supported on a cluster mode volume."


I know this post is really old, but did you ever get an answer for this?  Thanks.


vol option schedsnapname ordinal vs create_time.


here is the link https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1011292&pmv=print&impressions=false