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Can I create thick VMDK on thin volumes ?


Hello everyone 


I used to create VMware VMs with thick or thin disks before

but recently we changed the netapp volumes from thick into thin

and today when I was trying to create a thick vmdk for a vm , I cant see the thick option anymore in vcenter

there was no change in our VM environment,  and I was just wondering if this is because of the volume in netapp ? 

can you someone please enlighten me if creating a vmware vm with thick is possible when the netapp volumes are thin ? 



Re: Can I create thick VMDK on thin volumes ?


It depends on what VMware detects. I'd ask them but it's likely possible there is a correlation there.

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Re: Can I create thick VMDK on thin volumes ?


Hi Paul , thanks for your reply

actually you are right it is something in vmware although nothing has been changed , but anyway , I rescanned the storage adapters a couple of times and then now I'm able to see the option for thin or thick , so it seems netapp volume has noting related to this issue I have faced. 

and all my volumes in NetApp are thin .

it is very very weird though

thanks again 

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