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Can anyone download the 9.7P4?



when i click on the link to download the archive the download seems to start but then i got a server error.


I tryed:


- yesterday

- today

- from my homeoffice

- from my fathers office

- from the office of the company i work for

- the version with and without encryption


This error message i got in the browser when i try to download the URL again:


{"title":"Internal Server Error","status":500,"detail":"Cannot check file existence for 97P4_q_image.tgz"}

Someone else see this problem?


Kind regards



Re: Can anyone download the 9.7P4?

I was able to download them but they're only 100bytes.    


I've talked with the community manager, he's escalated this internally.  


Re: Can anyone download the 9.7P4?

Thanks for reporting this, @sraudonis. And thanks @SpindleNinja for confirming.


This has been reported to the support site team and has the appropriate attention. I’ll respond back when I hear it is resolved.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Re: Can anyone download the 9.7P4?

I've just received word that the download has been fixed. There's a few others being worked on, but the team is aware and on top of it.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

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Re: Can anyone download the 9.7P4?

Yes, it works, thank you very much for your help!

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