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Can't create CIFS server


I'm trying to create a CIFS server and I keep getting this error message. "Failed to create CIFS server. Reason Failed to create domain entry. Reason: duplicate entry." I get the same result regardless of what I name the server.



Re: Can't create CIFS server




Possible reason could be that your hitting the below bug.



Hope this helps.


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Re: Can't create CIFS server


Hi Team,


My name is Hadrian and I work for NetApp doing clustered Data ONTAP consulting.


That is an interesting BURT that may be relavent.  Before going to Support, I would validate any legacy AD computer objects referring to the old CIFS server name have been cleaned up (aka Deleted), and the AD replication updated.  Then repeat setting up the CIFS server.  If after that the issue persists I would call into NetApp support and refer to the BURT 649007 so they can inspect the logs.


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Re: Can't create CIFS server


I don't believe that Bug 649007 is applicable because the original share and CIFS Protocol setup was completed from OnCommand and nothing within AD was changed, aside from the original object being removed. And, even beyond that, I couldn't set up the CIFS Protocol using any NetBIOS name.

Re: Can't create CIFS server


Did you ever get a solution to this. I am having the same issue.

Re: Can't create CIFS server

Hi, Which ONTAP and domain controller version do you use ? Best regards

Re: Can't create CIFS server


Hi we are running into the same issue with a 7MTT migration.  Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

Re: Can't create CIFS server

Mine issue was related to a bug, netapp support pointed me to the fix.

Re: Can't create CIFS server


What solution did Netapp provided ?

Re: Can't create CIFS server


Bug  649007 is fixed inData ONTAP 9.4 and later.


The workaround is internal to NetApp. It is related to database tables editing, The task will require an Escalation Engineer to verify it.  Contact technical support  for information about a workaround for this issue (open a case).




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