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Can't remove root volume for DR SVM vserver

I've test SVM DR - it works and now I want to clean up the mess I've made. I've removed the peer relationships, deleted all but the root volume, but now I can't remove the root volume so I can delete the SVM:


mycluster::> vol destroy -vserver mydrtest -volume mydrtest_root -force true

Error: command failed: This operation is not permitted on a Vserver that is configured as the destination for Vserver DR.

And of course just attempting to delete the vserver as is fails as a result:


mycluster::> vserver delete -vserver mydrtest

Error: command failed: Failed to delete Vserver mydrtest. Reason: Cannot delete Vserver "mydrtest" because
       there are objects associated with the Vserver that are not associated with any other Vserver:
       Volumes: 1
       Mirrors: 0
       Kerberos-enabled LIFs: 0

       Remove these objects, then try the command again.

As you can see though the only volume remaining is indeed the root volume:


mycluster::> vol show -vserver mydrtest
Vserver   Volume       Aggregate    State      Type       Size  Available Used%
--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
                                    offline    RW          1GB          -     -



Re: Can't remove root volume for DR SVM vserver


Re: Can't remove root volume for DR SVM vserver

The output I've already posted is directly from the affected cluster. Please notice the root volume is indeed offline.

Re: Can't remove root volume for DR SVM vserver


Re: Can't remove root volume for DR SVM vserver

I have followed the steps in the link you provided - I even shared the output of running those exact commands. The chicken in the egg is clearly stated and easily observed in my FIRST post. If I felt like I hadn't covered the basics I would not have wasted my time posting on the community forums.


Generally for a problem like this I would just open a support ticket with NetApp. If I'm going to continue to get worthless forum troll answers I will simply follow my normal routine and contact a support technician instead of bringing the question to the forum where everyone can benefit from the answer.


Thanks for your assistance, however if you can not answer the question posed of how to remove a root volume on a SVM of type dp-destination please don't bother replying.

Re: Can't remove root volume for DR SVM vserver

Support was able to help. The problem was simple, identifying it not so much. Even though the snapmirror relationship had been removed entirely, it still wasn't broken. I'm not sure how that works, nor does it matter. Simply running snapmirror break allowed me to then delete the root volume:


mycluster::> snapmirror break -destination-path mydrtest:

mycluster::> volume delete -vserver mydrtest -volume mydrtest_root

Warning: Are you sure you want to delete volume "mydrtest_root" in Vserver "mydrtest" ?
{y|n}: y
[Job 1806] Job succeeded: Successful

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Re: Can't remove root volume for DR SVM vserver

Thanks for the hints!


If you have more then 1 volumes and you want to do this, NEVER offline the svm root volume. The other volumes on an SVM DR will not be able to be offlined = deleted.

Just make sure the svm root volume is running and then offline or delete the other volumes. Don't use destroy as well, for some reason this doesn't always work either.






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