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Cannot Increase Lun Size "Error: command failed: Function not implemented"


My volumes have more than enough space for the growth, and I am not going anywhere near the 10x growth maximum.


cluster1::*> lun resize -vserver svm-fc01 -path /vol/example_vol/example_lun -size +30G

Error: command failed: Function not implemented



Maximum LUN size with ONTAP systems is 16TB.

You can create few LUNs and combine them on the host with things like LVM or VMware VMFS etc.

Or you can use NAS protocols instead.


I get that I can throw more LUNS at the problem to gain more space, I just don't understand why it will not increase the LUNS I have.  I am no where near the 16TB limit, nor am I surpassing the "10 times the original allocation" limit, my volumes have more than enough room for the increase, yet every time I try to resize I get: "Error: command failed: Function not implemented"




What is the current volume size & LUN size?

Have you enable deduplication (at least once) on your volume?

You can do LUN move to a new volume and try to increase the size of your LUN in the new volume.




is this lun used for solaris environment ..?


and also check this settings..


filer> priv set diag
 filer> lun geometry /vol/vol1/lun


The last line of this output (max resize size) will denote how large a LUN might be ultimately grown to.


is this lun used for solaris environment ..?


Yes, this LUN has an OSTYPE of SOLARIS


Just as a side note, in ontap 9 you dont need to jump into diag to get the max resize, you can do it from admin priv w/ "lun show -path /vol/example_vol/example_lun -fields max-resize-size "


what is the version of ONTAP..?


check this BUG id




Right now we are at 9.3P5.  Maybe it's still an issue.


Unfortunalty it's not an issue as the command has been disabled for ONTAP 9.0 and greater, the description of the BUG-ID explains why:

Data in the suffix stream is not relocated or truncated when growing or shrinking a LUN with the OS type as 'solaris'. This issue can result in data corruption. To prevent data corruption, the 'lun resize' command is disabled for LUNs with the OS type as 'solaris' beginning with ONTAP 9.0.


If you read the ONTAP 9.0 release notes PDF on page 94 it states:

Limitation of LUN resizing support

LUN resizing is not supported for ostype solaris. If resizing is required for a LUN on a Solaris host, you must create the LUN with ostype linux.


Yes dedupe is enabled on this volume, the lun is 20G the Vol is 60G and I am trying to grow 30G.  I may try a vol/lun move, but would like to know why this particiular vol/lun refuses to grow.