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Cannot deploy Ontap Select evaluation ovf




I'm trying to deploy the ontap select evaluation ova downloaded 2 days ago on an ESX 6.5 host with a vcsa 6.5.


If I try to deploy directly from the ESXi host, it asks for 2 ip adresses (node and cluster) + netmask + gateway. Logical. But in the end the deployed VM has no ip adress and connectivity.


OK, the documentation states that it must be deployed from vCenter. So I tried deploying the ova from vCenter, but there it only asks for a single ip address, no gateway, and when I try to start the VM , it fails with error "Property 'Cluster Management  ip address' must be configured for the VM to power on."


What am I doing wrong, and how to fix this?




Re: Cannot deploy Ontap Select evaluation ovf


I found that deploying on the HTML5 portal of vcenter gave this error, as it doesn't have all the options for setting things like 'Cluster managment IP address'


Worked when I used the flash interface instead.

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