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Cannot set DNS on Node




I am new to NetApp and this forum. And this is my first question 🙂 so forgive me if I ask something silly.

We have 2 nodes currently and I need to create a cluster and join these 2 nodes.


Model: FAS2520

Version: NetApp Release 8.3.2P2

Node 1

e0M > IP assigned > Pinging

e0C > IP assigned > Pinging


Node 1

e0M > IP assigned > Pinging

e0C > IP assigned > NOT Pinging, but link is up (destination host not reachable)


On Node 1, I can see DNS show output configured.


But on Node 2, I dont' see DNS entry. The issue is I don't get any option also to set DNS;


::> vserver services name-service dns create -vserver Default -domains <domain name> -name-server <name server IP>

Error: invalid argument "-domains"


But this same option I get when run on Node1.


Since there is no data as of now I can do anything on nodes. 

On Node 2, I also did > reboot > wipealldata > Reinitialized disks > But same issue


Please help, thanks.



Re: Cannot set DNS on Node


You will need to cable the cluster ports between the two controllers and then I would just start over and re-run opt 4 .

Please see this to verify the basic network and SAS cabling:



Once both nodes have been re-initialize run through the cluster setup wizard: 



You'll create the cluster on node 1,  and node 2 will join that cluster.   


In C-dot (cluster mode) DNS isn't set per node, it's set per vserver (SVM).   


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Re: Cannot set DNS on Node


Connection is switchless.


I am reinitializing both the nodes now, will update how it goes.

Re: Cannot set DNS on Node


Thanks for the direction.


I reinitialized both the nodes and now I can create clusters. 



For the first node, I have run 'cluster setup' wizard and completed the steps. I see ports e0d & e0f (connected to node2) have taken IPs automatically in range of 169.254.x.x

Do I need to manually configure IPs on this eod & eof or keep it as it is.


2) For cluster management IP, port e0c should be connected to network switch, correct ?

Re: Cannot set DNS on Node


cluster setup needs to run from both nodes,    the first node you "create" the cluster, the second node you "join".    the cluster setup wizard auto-creates these 169.x.x.x addresses on both nodes for use in the cluster.     So there's no need to manually configure them. 


e0d on controller 1 should be connected to e0d on controller 2.  and the same for e0f 


As far as the other ports you have free,  e0a, e0b, e0c, and e0e it really depends on what you want to do with them.  


You can use the e0c ports for the Cluster mgmt lif, but it can live just about anywhere,  even on e0M if you want.   All depends how you want to configure the networking for access on the 2520.    

Re: Cannot set DNS on Node


Thank you very much. This cleared my doubt.

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