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Cant able to bring FC lif online

Hi All,

We have new FAS8020 with two FC ports on each controller.

Its possible to connect FAS 8020 FC ports to server which has 1 ports on each HBA directly without FC switch.


After connecting these ports, I cant able to bring FC lifs online.

Physically FC ports are showing online on storage.

we have used single port from storage to connect server,

if it is recommended to use two ports from storage?


ONTAP version: CDOT8.3



Give your valuable sujjestion as earliest.






Re: Cant able to bring FC lif online



At page 11 of the document "Clustered Data ONTAP® 8.3 SAN Configuration Guide" you will see that direct attached FC configurations are not supported:


Supported FC configurations
Fibre Channel (FC) configurations are supported by various host OS types. Supported FC configurations include single-fabric and multifabric configurations. Both single-controller and HA pairs are supported. Direct-attached configurations are not supported.


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