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Case sensetivity of domain user when invoking ONTAPI


Hi all,

I am currently using a domain user to invoke ontapi. I have added the domain user to invoke ONTAPI using the following CLI command:

>security login create -vserver <VServerName> -username domain\user -application ontapi -authmethod domain

The domain user that we specify could be as mentioned below:

>security login create -vserver <VServerName> -username SKYLAR\ontapiuser -application ontapi -authmethod domain

>security login create -vserver <VServerName> -username Skylar\ontapiUser -application ontapi -authmethod domain

>security login create -vserver <VServerName> -username skylar\OntapiUser -application ontapi -authmethod domain

>security login create -vserver <VServerName> -username SKYlar\ONTAPIuser -application ontapi -authmethod domain

When we invoke the ONTAPI API

               userName ="skylar\ONTAPIUSER";

               password = "something";

                    na_server_t *server;

                    server = na_server_open(cifsServerName, 1, 20);

                    na_server_style(server, NA_STYLE_LOGIN_PASSWORD);

                    int result =     na_server_adminuser(server, userName, password);

                    na_elem_t* e1 = NULL;

                    el = na_server_invoke(m_Server, "system-get-version", NULL);

This code throws HTTP Authorization failed if user name is anything different (CASE SENSITIVE)

As you would notice that userNAme="skylar\ONTAPIUSER"; is different from the list mentioned above, ONLY by CASE SENSITIVITY.

Is this the expected behavior ?

IF not that what needs to be done ?

Is there a setting for this ?

Kindly suggest.

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