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Changing Default CIFS Share Permissions


In 8.2 Cluster Mode, when you create a new CIFS share, the default CIFS share permissions are Everyone-Full Control.  I know that this can be changed after the share is created, but I'm wondering if there is a global setting on the vserver that can be changed so that all future CIFS shares take the default share permissions of 'Authenticated Users' instead. This would just save us the time of having to do this for each new share that we create.



Re: Changing Default CIFS Share Permissions

Very good question. 7-mode is the same behavior and I don't know a way to override it other than changing access after creation. But for legacy 7-Mode users their cDot transition will be familiar with this feature. I will look around and see if any cifs options but don't think it exists.

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