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Changing Load balancing Policy on disks managed by data ontap dsm


Hello everybody,


We recently changed storage and opted to use the data ontap DSM for MPIO from now on. (version 4.1.4348.1209)

As we have a large number of servers on which we need to do some reconfigurations we are trying to automate this process by scripting some of the actions which you would normally do through the GUI. One of these actions is actually changing the Load balancing policies for MPIO.


I have found that i'm able to recall information regarding MPIO disks with the use of the mpclaim command




However; if i try to change the load balancing policy of one of these disks with mpclaim the changes just aren't coming through. (even though he says that he adjusted the settings succesfully)

I'm thinking that the fact that the disks are controlled by the data ontap DSM is the cause of this. (mpclaim only for MSDSM?) 

Quick not about the screenshot: i know that the LB-policy is already set to FOO but i did the 


How can i actually manage to change these load balancy settings? I saw that there is a powershell module available to manage the data ontap dsm for mpio, but it seems that i don't have the module available for me. Is it possible to import the module in some kind of way? 


Operating system is windows server 2008r2 and windows server 2012.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance


Re: Changing Load balancing Policy on disks managed by data ontap dsm


You can get the Powershell toolkit here : http://mysupport.netapp.com/tools/info/ECMLP2310788I.html?productID=61926/

Managing the DSM using Windows PowerShell cmdlets here: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1307349/html/GUID-3950823B-6960-4C62-BE85-A11B24C549B2.html

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