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Classic My AutoSupport gone ?


Im trying to access the raw auto support data of a client but it seems when I click on the link down the

bottom in ActiveIQ under tools it just goes to a blank page


Anyone know how to access the raw DATA now.


I need to get firmware levels for some reporting..


Re: Classic My AutoSupport gone ?


The raw data is still in there, just slightly buried.    Click a cluster name or controller and then the gear icon on the left.    There will be all the asups.  

as far as the classic...  you using chrome?  That kinda thing sounds like chrome being weird. 

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Re: Classic My AutoSupport gone ?


Ahh ok


You need to go to




click on a node


then you get a COG (auto support)   on the left hand side ( 4 icons down)


click on that and you can get the raw data..


Why not just have the cog on the main screen ?





Re: Classic My AutoSupport gone ?


If you have feedback, feel free to submit on the little feedback box. If it isn't on the AIQ page, then go to the main support.netapp.com site.

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