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Cloud as DR site


Hello Gurus, 


I am currently investigating to use Cloud tiers as DR site (could be wrong in terminology).  We need offsite backup copy and and I am thinking to configure it there. Has anyone done that?  Any useful tips will be greatly appreciated. 



Hello vims,   

   Would you be looking to do something like snapmirror to a cloud volume?  Check out the document below and see if this is what you are looking to do.  






As mention by @wswens42, you can do a snapmirror relationship or you can use our Cloud Backup Service to backup On-Prem to the cloud.


Link: Concept Backup to Cloud


When you mention Cloud tiering, that is referring to Hot data (On-Prem) and tiering cold data to the Cloud (AWS,Azure, GCP, Storage Grid,etc)


Let us know if you have any follow up questions.





Team NetApp


There are multiple options available for NetApp Cloud solutions.


DR specifically would be as a secondary location for data to be serviced from in the event of a catastrophic failure at the primary site.


Other options, as @darb0505 has mentioned are cloud backup.


Depending on the solution you are looking for there are numerous options available. You can find potential solutions here: https://cloud.netapp.com/ or by engaging your account team, they may be able to assist with finding the best solution possible for your needs.