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Cluster switch missing


Hello Team,

In our Netapp C-mode environment, currently the cluster is in degraded status.


When we checked, we found that one cluster switch is missing. We could logging in to the switch. But it is not reflecting in the cluster. How to resolve this.



Start by troubleshooting as you would any other network problem - start at the bottom of the OSI stack and work up.


  1. Are the appropriate lights on on the exterior of the switch and the server?
  2. On the NetApp system, does the port show as up - "network interface show -node nodename -port *"
  3. On the CN1610, does the port going to the controller show as up? - login to the switch and do "show int"
  4. Are any of the ports on that CN1610 up? If not, have you rebooted that switch?