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Clustered DOT - Changing FC to initiator


Hi everyone.

I hava a FAS2554 with DOT 8.3.2.

The storage is used for CIFS share and VM repository with FC Lun.

I have to set up CIFS share backup on tape using NDMP protocol.

I have read that the fc interface of the filer needs to be  "initiator". So I need to change the type from the current "target" and need to reboot the node.


There are 2  FC physical interface. There is a way to use both FC interfaces for NDMP (initiator) and  FC LUN (target)?

Can I reboot the node without making "takeover" or it is preferable to make "takeover"?

The active node takes over the volumes of the node  that is restarted, it is correct? My colleagues can continue to work during the reboot

After the reboot, the restarted node resumes its volumes, disconnecting again CIFS and FC sessions?


Thank you.







Do you have FC ports or CNA ports? Please show output of "system node hardware unified-connect show".



Thisi is the output:


 fas2554::> system node hardware unified-connect show
                       Current  Current    Pending  Pending    Admin
Node          Adapter  Mode     Type       Mode     Type       Status
------------  -------  -------  ---------  -------  ---------  -----------
fas2554-01    0c       fc       target     -        -          online
fas2554-01    0d       fc       target     -        initiator  offline
fas2554-01    0e       cna      target     -        -          online
fas2554-01    0f       cna      target     -        -          online
fas2554-02    0c       fc       target     -        -          online
fas2554-02    0d       fc       target     -        -          online
fas2554-02    0e       cna      target     -        -          online
fas2554-02    0f       cna      target     -        -          online
8 entries were displayed.



The interface are 0c and 0d. Interface 0e and 0f are user to interconnect controler itself. I have already changed the interface 0d of controller 1.


Thank you.



Yes, you can do takover/giveback to activate pending changes. It should be non-disruptive for FC connections, assuming proper multipathing setup. CIFS is generally disruptive, although in practice impact may be low (if nobody is using mapped drive, nothing evil happens).

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