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Clustered Data ONTAP Management Pack for System Center OpsMgr 2012


Dear Community,


we have installed the OnCommand Plug-in for System Center Operations Manager 2012 (v 4.2) with following Management Packs:

- OnCommand Clustered Data ONTAP (v4.1.1.7474)

- OnCommand Clustered Data ONTAP MetroCluster (v4.1.1.7474)

- OnCommand Clustered Data ONTAP MetroCluster Reports (v4.1.1.7474)

- OnCommand Clustered Data ONTAP Reports (v4.1.1.7474)

- OnCommand Data ONTAP (v4.1.1.7300)

- OnCommand Data ONTAP Reports (v4.1.1.7300)

- OnCommand Data ONTAP Shared Library (v4.1.1.7474)

- OnCommand Data ONTAP Virtualization (v4.1.1.7300)

- OnCommand Data ONTAP Virtualization Reports (v4.1.1.7300)


The Management Pack for NetApp Controllers in 7-Mode works just fine. But we cannot monitor c-dot NetApp Clusters.

It seems that the discovery is working, but the Monitoring.ps1 and GetPerformanceSample.ps1 always get dropped after a certain time (Warning Alert in SCOM).

Also no Volume Free Space Monitors submit any alerts!


The run as config looks like this:


Domain user with scom admin rights, also has a Profile on all Management Servers.

Distribution of RunAsAccount - Clustered Data ONTAP: Management Server Resource Pool

Target of RunAsProfilet - Clustered Data ONTAP Group


I'm a little helpless here...


Hopefully someone can help me figure out the main problem.


Thank you in advance!


greetings Matthias




could u try the support matrix firstly?







I did that and haven't got any further...do have another way to solve this?


greetings Matthias




We have the same exact problem

Did you find any solution for it?






Hi Morten,


Yes, opened a case with NetApp and they figured it out.


The SQL connection string is stored in a xml file and in a config file. The XML was ok, but the config file (OC.Cluster.OM.Library.dll.config) was pointing to the localhost. The NetApp Support managed to generate a new config file with the correct connection string, pointing to the sql server and not for the localhost (the SCOM server). This cannot be done in notepad because as you can notice, the data needed to be changed is ciphered.


Please contact NetApp and I'm sure they will help you out.


Thanks for you answer !!!

I will contact support






Did you manage to solve this? I'm facing the same problem and I can't find a solution to this problem...

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