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Clustered ONTAP CLI "path" inconsistencies


Hey gang - 


Looking for a comments to see whether there is a point to pushing NetApp for a CLI change in Clustered ONTAP.


My personal preference is to use the CLI for most things - GUI tools like SystemManager is nice to have for some quick lookups, but for serious work I find it to be too limiting (not all options exposed) and too slow (too much refresh).  Similarly the work I do doesn't always lend itself to WFA setups - mostly because either the shops are too small or the staff is too small to merit a full WFA build.


With that as background - the gripe - the CLI is inconsistent.  




Ever notice how when a volume path is needed, there are like 3 or 4 different ways to specify the path, and particular commands need it a specific way?  LUN paths start with "/vol" and require you to specify the vserver in a separate option.  Snapmirror paths can be specified in one shot as vserver:volume.  Namespace paths require vserver on a separate option and paths start with "/" - no "/vol", which affects shares, but qtree paths need the "/vol" at the front.


Seriously - can't we get "path" entries to use just one standard?  Are we still that tied to the 7-mode way of doing things that we are stuck with the idiosyncracies of the past?


Couldn't a LUN path be specified as vserver:volume/lun?  A qtree as vserver:volume/qtree?  Namespace might be a bit more tricky to address with that the "/" can be arbitrarily assigned, but surely it too could be more unified.



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