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Configure EMS events for all hardware/software related faults


Is there a single EMS event available which will monitor all hardware and software fault ? if this is not possible, what are the list of ems events we should configure so that all the faults will be reported promptly. There is very less information available in the documentations.


We are running Ontap 9.5P6, Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6.


Thanks for your help in advance





From the CLI, look at the command: event route show

That will list out all the events that ONTAP could alert on.


Check out the EMS Configuration Express Guide




Thanks for the reply, " event route show" displays more than 500 events.

1. How do we know which ones important ones ?

2. Configuring these many by one by one is huge task, does not make any sense. I read somewhere wilde cards(*) not accepted.

3.  I have checked the express guide, the information provided in that is very little.It says to expecute the below command

"event notification create -filter-name important-events -destinations storage_admins"

In the above command how do a user know what is being covered under 'important-events ' ?

Thank you



Actually, in ONTAP 9.6, there are ove 6800 event routes!

the "event route" commands have been depricated and replaced by a few others. Going to use it as an example though.


You could start by looking at 

event route show -destinations asup

which indicates what is at least alerted to ASUP. You can decide what is important to you there. (ONTAP 9.6 = 271)

Then look at all the EMERGENCY routes:

event route show -severity EMERGENCY

These are the most critical. Again, you can choose what to look at. (ONTAP 9.6 = 246)

You could even look at the overlap of the two

event route show -severity EMERGENCY -destinations asup

You would see the list is much shorter (ONTAP 9.6 = 28).


Bottom line is this: You need to decide which are important to you as an ADMIN and your company to monitor.


Following the guide to setup email:

Configure for the SMTP server

event config modify -mail-server mailhost.your_domain -mail-from cluster_admin@your_domain

Create a destination (email address)

event notification destination create -name storage-admins -email your_email@your_domain

Add the destination to the "important-events" filter

event notification create -filter-name important-events -destinations storage_admins 

See which events will be alerted on

event filter show -filter-name important-events

cluster1::*> event filter show -filter-name important-events
Filter Name Rule     Rule      Message Name  SNMP Trap Type  Severity
            Position Type
----------- -------- --------- ------------- --------------- --------
            1        include   *             *               EMERGENCY, ALERT
            2        include   callhome.*    *               ERROR
            3        exclude   *             *               *

3 entries were displayed.


So, any routes/events that are Severity EMERGENCY or ALERT (rule #1) or that are ERROR AND the message name begins with "callhome.*" (rule #2) will be sent


Thanks for the reply.

Does the 3rd rule in the output of the command "event filter show -filter-name important-events" exclude all events of all types, which means no events will be sent out ?

      3        exclude   *             *               *


No, it will include all the EMERGENCY/ALERT messages AND it will include all ERROR messages that start with callhome and then exclude everything else.