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Consequences of turning snapvault / snapmirror off


hello all,

on a 7mode filer with version [NetApp Release 8.2.4P5] we are trying to move a volume from one aggregate to another but it gives the below error:


FilerA> vol move start VolNAme  aggr1
vol move: Specified source volume has a qtree snapmirror destination


if we turn the snapvault / snapmirror off, move the volume then turn it back on there will be any risk or configuration loss on our snapvault / snapmirror ? if yes then what is the perfect solution for the matter ?


much thanks in advance...


Re: Consequences of turning snapvault / snapmirror off

Before the volume move enters the cutover phase, you must ensure that any existing synchronous SnapMirror relationships established on the source volume are destroyed. You can resynchronize the SnapMirror relationships after the volume move is completed.

Performing the volume move operation

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