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Convert FAS2552 from 7 Mode 8.2.5 to Cluster Mode 9.5


We Are Planning to Convert FAS2552 version 8.2.5  7-Mode to Cluster Mode 9.5.  we got the license from NetApp.

need to set the setenv options

LOADER-A> set-defaults
LOADER-A> setenv bootarg.init.boot_clustered true

which option we need to perform this

Option1 :we need to Netboot with 9.5 and install new os 9.5  and Initialize all disks . perform cluster setup

Option2: Boot menu, Option7 install new OS and Initialize all disks . perform cluster setup

my question is do we need to Netboot or selct option 7 directly and install 9.5


Karthik KP



Re: Convert FAS2552 from 7 Mode 8.2.5 to Clutser Mode 9.5




I haven't used netboot ever, so can't really advise on that 100%, but looks like it's more of a 'recovery options' and in any case b'cos your intention is to wipe and install a new OS, so I suggest you try these steps and let us know if it helps your case.


1) Download 9.5 (Stable release) and put it in your web(http) server.
2) Choose option 7 – install new software first, and enter the URL of the 9.5 image from your webserver.
3) Once 9.5 is installed on the internal boot device, boot into maintenance mode from the boot menu and unassign all drives from each node.
4) Reboot each node, and then choose option 4 – wipeconfig. Once the wipe is finished, the system will use ADP on the internal drives and be ready to setup unless you don't want ADP and want to use whole disk partition.



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Re: Convert FAS2552 from 7 Mode 8.2.5 to Clutser Mode 9.5


 HI Team


Thanks for the info

we have successfully installed ontap 9.5 on fas2552 using option 7 today




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