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Creating new aggregate on a exisiting FAS2520 with ontap 8




I have a FAS2520 and DS2246 running on ontap 8 , 12 disk are there in Ds2246 and 12 were free. We got additional 12 disk inorder to increae the storage  and i have added all dsbay 12-23.we have two nodes and i need to assign new harddisk to node1.

1. I gone through multiple vedios,documents took advise from previos person who already  worked on these system all says to add hardisc through command mode. when i cheked through command mode few new disks are in un assigned state few are in spare statur. i traied to change the spare status and unassigned its not working. 

Please let me know how i can create new aggregate with these harddisc throuh command line interface, do i need to change the disk status from spare to any other. can I create aggregate from GUI directly?

2. The requirement is create a new aggrigate with full capacity . when i am creating aggrigate i found that i can only use 5 disk to a aggrigate. can we increase that  with out upgrading to ontap 9? please let me knwo how.




In order to create a new aggr the drives need to be owned by either node 1 or 2  and as type "spare"  


Since your're getting 5 disk aggr (3 data disk + 2 paritity disks) plus 1 for spare,  it sounds like the system split the ownership of the 12 new drives automatically between the two nodes.   


what's your current aggr config?  Just a single aggr across the cluster on node2?    


Upgrading to ONTAP 9.1 or higher  wouldn't really matter much in this case,  though I recomend upgrading to a supported version.   


aggr create:


disk ownership and other info: 









what's your current aggr config?  Just a single aggr across the cluster on node2?    


Each node ahs two aggr currently  I am trying to create 5th in node1. When I check disk details its shows few are in unassigned state and few are in spare is that is correct.Disk details.jpg


Were these new disks or are they being reused from some other system? 

What version of Ontap is this,  8.? 


Looks like 22 is broken, as is 23 (this one is kinda odd too as it's showing up twice?)  and a few disks are unowned.    


After you fix those issues,  unowned and broken, you'll be able to create a new 11 disk aggr  or even add to an existing aggr.