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Current best practice for assigning disks to nodes


We have two x DS4246 shelves that we have attached to our FAS8200.  We are planning to expand our current aggregates, but I wanted to see what the current best practice is for assigning the disks to our nodes. 


  • Assign all 24 disks from one shelf to Node 3 and all 24 disks from the other shelf to Node 4
  • Assign 12 sequential disks from one shelf to Node 3 and the other 12 to Node 4. Repeat with the second shelf
  • Randomly split the 24 disks in each shelf between nodes


What's the current config?   


I would avoid mixing different generations of disks in a single aggr.   


We will be making a new aggregate, but still need to determine the best way to assign disks to nodes.


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I would probably do a single aggr on one node between the two shelves considering it's all SATA honestly.   


As far as disk ownership...  either 1 or 2 then,   "randomly"  isn't really a good thing.    Something like the A controller to all the even slots and B controller to the odd slots is also an option.  

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