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DFM 5.2.1 volumes-dedupe-and-lun-f​ile-clones​-space-sav​ings not working with cDOT 8.2


I have a DFM 5.2.1 (Windows installation) set for Cluster Mode. Reports are working fine except "volumes-dedupe-and-lun-f​ile-clones​-space-sav​ings". Either from the cli or web gui the report view returns "There are no volumes".





SIS is enabled and running on a number of volumes in one cDOT 8.2.1 cluster. I can view the dedupe savings from the cluster cli; df -S.


Has anyone come across a like problem? Could it be that this DFM release has the "volumes-dedupe-and-lun-f​ile-clones​-space-sav​ings" report liisted but actually it is not working/enabled with cDOT 8.2?


Any feedback and guidance helpful on this one.



Mich Peedo

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