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ONTAP Discussions

Data Lif is not pinging with new configuration.




Exsting configuration:


Interfacce group Name : a0a, Vlan tagged in interface- a0a-101, a0a-203, a0a-500, a0a-701.


Lif  Configuratioin


svm1_lif- ip- Subnet


svm default route: svm1


Now exsting server ip is able to ping to lif


Many lif has been configred in differenet vlan with ip range 10.147.


Now ESX team has build new servers and added in new VLAN-1501 with assigned IP-


From stroage side did below activity:


-------- i have added Vlan 1501 in exsting interface a0a (a0a-1501)

--------configured new lif with ip, subnet mask-




Now lif is not able to ping to host.


Thank You












You have to make sure the home port for the new LIF is on the newly-created VLAN interface (a0a-1501). If you are sure that this is correct, the only thing left is that it is a switch config issue. Maybe the VLAN is not correctly tagged on the ports on your switch. Or on the trunk between the switches. You should ask your networking guys






Thanks for your response.


issue has been resolved. i had configured two network interface lif on same node in vlan a0a-1501. This is features of data ontap that we can configure multipule lif in physical port or interface group. But i am not sure whty this not working when i had configured two lif in a0a-1501 in one node.


i had remove the one lif configuration and modified to another node after lif starting to ping.




I have no clue.. what you intend to explain in the post..

but even after reading twice... its as clear as mud to me..


Here is some pointers for you to check...


1, Make sure your /26 network have a gateway

2, Your default GW "" dosen't belong in the same /26 VLAN you spacify 

    there for you need to specify GW for each subnet, if that subnet need to be reachable from other network.


If you can post the output of following command, might help to get some clarity.


::> rows 0
::> ifgrp show
::> vlan show
::> broadcast-domain show
::> network interface show
::> network route show
::> dns show



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