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Dedude Ratio


What are the average dedupe ration for an 100% vmware deployment.



This is very much a "How high is up?" question. 


I have an AFF A700, and a FAS 9000 with only ESX hosts attached running Ontap 9.4P1. The A700 has all efficiency functions enabled, the FAS9000 is only using inline compression/compaction.  Both arrays are delivering block level services via FC, with no filer protocols in use.


Some guests have data that has already been significantly compressed/deduped, and for these even 1.15:1 is reasonable.


On some other guests I have seen 2.5:1 just with compression/compaction.


Those numbers are without snapshots or cloning.


I look at efficiency with regard to placing things on the flash or spinning disk unit. If it doesn't need high IOPS/low latency, and it isn't very efficient, it goes on spinning disks.


All depends on the data.  Some applications will dedupe better than others.     

What's your workload(s); SQL, Exchange, VDI, Oracle?   

Hi lethaniel, I can report from "the field" that we have deduplication and compresssion ratios between 1,52 to 3,54. It depends on the data. If you have a "normal" VMWare Environment with DC,Exchange, FileServer, SQL, and so on, an Efficiency Ratio of 2:1 is absolutly realistic. If you have Medical Data like PACS it will be unrealistic. Kind regards Andre
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