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Default Volume & Inode thresolds on netapp cluster


I am trying to configure SNMP alerts directly from Netapp cluster running Ontap 9.3p4 to SNMP Traphost(Netcool). So i have these questions related to that.


1) I see from the MIB files that the default thresholds for Volume Nearly full and VOlume full are 95% & 98%, is there a way we can change these thresholds


2) Do we have any default thresholds for Inode utilization like volume fulls? if yes what are they


3) From the MIB files, i see the codes for Volume nearly full & Volume full as 82 and 85, May I know what are the codes we should enable for inodes on the mib

NOte: We are trying to setup alerts directly from Cluster not from OCUM..I know that from ocum we can customise thresholds to our requirements, however we are not allowed to install OCUM.


Thanks in advance



FYI, I have worked on this in the past. Note that SNMP querying is not fully supported. By that I mean, even though the PUBLISHED MIB has OIDs, there are a significant number of them that actually do not work.


With that, you are better off using the "event" system in ONTAP and letting ONTAP send alerts out to anything (SNMP, Mailhost, syslog)


There is an Express Guide to set that up on the ONTAP 9 docs site.


I know that does not answer the questions you are asking but I thought it might be useful before you go too far.