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Disk Not Available after Replacement


Pardon me as I have very little NetApp experience.  We have a legacy FA2040 device running Ontap 7G.  It is currently out of warranty so we are looking for some advice.   We recently replaced a failed hard drive with refurbished one (same model) and the light for the drive is now green.  When we go to review the status of the drive with command sysconfig -a, it shows the drive as 'Not available' with a size of 0.0GB.  Does anyone have any insight or steps we can take to troubleshoot this drive?  Any advice is welcome.  Thanks!


Attached are the results from sysconfig -a and from our FilerView (Disk Report)



Looks like you are hitting a known issue:



The X289 drive is a faulty drive identifier.  Looks like they should be X411 instead. The KB article talks about it. 

That is likely why it is not picking up correctly.


Actually finding a number of articles. You may want to contact support to see if they would suggest a better path.


Thank you TMAC, we are looking into the first suggestion you provided and reviewing other articles as well before making any changes.  I will update this message as soon as we resolve it.  

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