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Disks number are different between 2 aggregates, why ?


Hi NetApp Community,


I've just setup a new fresh config into my FAS2552 in Switchless clustered DATA ONTAP mode and i need explanations about disks and aggregates.


I have a 24 disk shelves and 2 controllers, at the beginning of my configuration, I set 3 disks as root volume, so I think this is why they don't have Container name when I type disk show :

1.0.19              836.9GB     0  19 SAS     shared      root_aggr_node_01
1.0.20              836.9GB     0  20 SAS     shared      -         Node_02

                     Usable           Disk    Container   Container
Disk                   Size Shelf Bay Type    Type        Name      Owner
---------------- ---------- ----- --- ------- ----------- --------- --------
1.0.21              836.9GB     0  21 SAS     shared      root_aggr_node_01
1.0.22              836.9GB     0  22 SAS     shared      -         Node_02
1.0.23              836.9GB     0  23 SAS     shared      -         Node_01
24 entries were displayed.

Now i only have the 2 root aggregates and I need to create 2  news, one for each controller.

So i'm going to create one from onCommand System Manager, then I see there's 14 disks for one controller and 10 for the other :




So my question is : how the system attribute disks to Node ?and why I can't have something like : 12 disks for one controller and 12 on the other ?








From your output I see that your disks show as a container type of shared.  It looks like then you are using 8.3.x that supports root-data partiioning that might describe some of what you are seeing.  Take a look here:  https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP12458210/html/GUID-52897F29-1442-47CA-BD02-53F435D9FCC7.html.  It shows a pretty good graphic of the layout of disks with this type of assignment.  Can you review that against your configuration?


Thank you for the link. I understand the process but I don't know what to do for changing that.


In my actual configuration I've got 2 controller, so 2 root aggregates (so one aggregate per controller), their size can't be modified and it's auto-managed by the system itself isn't it ?

All my disks have "shared" container type cause it run version 8.3P1, moreover they all got Node_01 or Node_02 as owner.

Their container name are root_aggr_node_01 or root_aggr_node_02 but when I type "disk show" , 5 of 24 disks haven't a container name.


Furthermore, I think I confused notions like spare,root ...


Do you know what I mean ?


Really thank you for reading and answering.





Could someone help me ? I think it's simple but I don't know what to do.

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