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Domain Admins cannot set permissions on cifs shares... Windows Server 2008R2 and CDOT 8.2


Hi Everyone...


We have new deployment of CDOT 8.2... We are using Windows Server 2008R2 for AD Services... CIFS server successfully joined the domain.... But once domain admins try to change share level permissions they cannot change it and error message dialogue box says...." Unable to save permission changes on sharename (null)".... However, domain admins can change security permissions as they wish.... We can set any share level permissions on cifs shares from command line but once domain admins do the same from Windows side they get the error stated above.... I have added a particular domain admin with FULL_CONTROL but of no use.... Added same domain admin to the CDOT BUILTIN\Administrator group as we used to do in 7-Mode but same result.... Domain admins can do everthing like file creation, deletion, read/write etc in same share without any issue.... but they cannot change share level permissions....


Everything is working perfectly fine except for this error....


Any help....???







Found a similar discussion here: https://www.pickysysadmin.ca/2012/04/27/access-denied-when-changing-ntfs-permissions-on-a-netapp-cifs-share-from-windows-2008/

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