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DualControllerHa_Alert alerts after ONTAP upgrade to 9.8


I was Upgraded ONTAP verion to 9.8 few days ago, yesterday trigger alert Health Monitor process schm: DualControllerHa_Alert[50:0a:09:80:0b:0c:8c:2b] ALERT.

I was found same symptom from support page. There was a policy bugs, it will be missing after 30 mins. But, will it pop up again for this alert? And how can i idenitfy that was a policy bugs or policy real alert. Thansk~~~~

support page as below:





As workaround, this alert can be disabled by command "system health policy definition modify -monitor system-connect -policy-id DualControllerHa_Policy -node <node> -enable false. How can I confirm if the system will not be able to prompt the “real” alert to call for corrective action if captioned health policy was disabled? Thanks.




According to the bug description I understand that the alerts may be back again even after being cleared. These alerts are cleared after 30 min from the alerts table, but it does not mean it will not be back.


To be sure if it is a bug or a legit alert, I suggest opening a case with NetApp Support.




Hi Pedro, thanks for your reply. Just may I know when I disable the policy by command "system health policy definition modify -monitor system-connect -policy-id DualControllerHa_Policy -node <node> -enable false" does effect other policy services?



That command will disable alerts for DualControllerHa_Policy policy ID only, under system-connect (Health monitor name).




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