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Dump mirrored Snaplock Volume interrupted during Phase I


Hello Community,


We mirroring a couple of Snaplock Enterprise Volumes beside some normal Voluems to a second system and doing a dump to tape from there. While the dump for the  normal Volumes runs fine, the dumps for the Snaplocked volumes are interrrupted during Phase I.

To eleminate any problems with the Backup Software I did a dump to NULL on console:


"dump 0uvfb null 256 /vol/vol"


In the log I see that after 5 min the Phase I is interrupted and the dump is stopped.


dmp Mon Nov 9 09:36:00 CET /vol/vol/(4) Phase_change (I)
dmp Mon Nov 9 09:41:00 CET /vol/vol/(4) Error (Interrupt received.)
I dont see any thing else in the logs which is related to that.


We running ONTAP 8.1.4P1-7Mode

Vol. Size is ~3.2TB with 65498414 inodes


Does anyone has an idea whats going on.








we dump our snaplock compliance data to tape so I know its possible.


Are you calling a named snapshot in your tape policy?