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E0m broadcast domain

I have 4 node cluster. E0m used for node and cluster mgmt LIFs with e0m's all in broadcast domain BD-M Then I have 4 10g ports on 2 pci cards e3a, e3b, e4a, e4b which each have 2 vlans trunked to them each. e3a and e4a are joined for a0a ifgrp with lacp. e3b and e4b are joined for a0b ifgrp with lacp. Then I have vlan1-a0a and vlan1-a0b. Also have vlan2-a0a and vlan2-a0b. The vlan1-a0a and vlan1-a0b ports are in broadcast domain BD-1. Then the vlan2-a0a and vlan2-a0b ports are in broadcast domain BD-2. I don't have any 1g onboard ports hooked up. How can I add more ports to BD-M to allow for node mgmt lif failover? They are all on same vlan subnet as BD-1.

I tried combining the e0m ports with the vlan1-a0a and vlan1-a0b ports and it barked at best practice? Should I combine with just a0a and a0b?

Re: E0m broadcast domain


Please tell which is your hardware platform. Is it a 6000 series FAS? all 4 nodes are same? Do you have other onboard ports available? 

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Re: E0m broadcast domain


This was resolved.  separated all vlans into separate bc domains, and separated e0m's into their own bc domain.  Forgoing adding 1G onboard ports to those.  e0m's are spread across multiple switches for redundancy physically and logically.

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