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"HA Group Notification from node1 (SNAPMIRROR SYNCHORONOUS EXCEPTION: Splitter critical threshold breached [OWM]) NOTICE" were received,  but snapmirror still insycn. 

I was find in same question in communtiy,  it was say that "It just recorded the event that one of the snapmirror synchronous resource pool (OWM) has reached a high threshold, due to which a recycling was activated to reclaim the unused ones. This is indicative of a workload operating on many small files. That's what triggered this event."

But I still have few point didn't  understand. My question as below:

  1. The root cause is still unknown, why will trgger out?
  2. Why OWM hit the threshold ? 
  3. Why there was so much workload operating on many small files ?

Thank you.



1 and 2: Need more data.

3. Need more data about clients, the applications, and file system layout.


SM-S really does better with less small files and metadata and more read/write workloads.

Thanks for your reply Paul, let me easy to ask again. why and when the alert will trgger out? After the alert triggered, did any way to prevent the issue happen or just a notification?

Many thanks...

It is just a notification. It is when an update is timing out either due to delay getting data to secondary, or maybe too many metadata updates. If you're not seeing too high of latency on the primary, it probably is ok if it's a transient alert. If you start getting multiple alerts all at once, get perf archives on both primary and secondary, and we may want packet traces during the issue. Basically we would be seeing if there are any system bottlenecks that seem odd.


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