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EOA Bulletin about Oracle plug-in


Hi, sorry for wide distribution.

My Customer has received EOA Bulletin(CPC-1511-04,05,06) about Oracle plug-in(VM,RMAN,Cloning) this week.

They wonder that NetApp is going not to support Oracle Solutions in the future.

If you know about EOA reason, please let me know.

I understand that these plug-ins are supported by community-base.


Best Regards,

NetApp Japan

Technical Partner Manager

Takahiro Sakamoto



As communicated, NetApp has announced the end of availability for 3 Oracle integration products - the OVM plugin, the 12c cloning plugin, and the rman plugin.


This should not be seen as a reduction in commitment to Oracle. The primary reason for discontinuing development of these products was the limited benefit to customers due to the support model used. They were only supported under the "community" support model, which was not sufficient for the majority of enterprise customers.

As a result, the adoption rate of these products was low and without a formal support process there was uncertainty whether we could provide assistance to the level expected.


Products such as SnapManager for Oracle, SnapCreator, and SnapCenter's Oracle capabilities continue to be developed. We continue to work with Oracle engineering on new initiatives and we continue to explore ways to deliver the functionality delivered by the EOA products in a way that can offer complete support and with committed engineering resources.


Product management recognizes that some customers depend on the now end-of-availability products, and we have created a PVR program for customers requiring continuing support. For more information, please contact product management with specifics on the customer and their requirements.


Gautam Jain

Senior Product Manager


Jeffrey Steiner
Principal Architect