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Error: The "-hwassist-partner-ip" parameter is not supported on this platform.


This post is for those who see the below error.

"Error: The "-hwassist-partner-ip" parameter is not supported on this platform."

I have recently come across this error when working on a NetApp AFF A400.

So what is Hardware Assisted takeover? Further details are here https://docs.netapp.com/us-en/ontap/high-availability/ha_how_hardware-assisted_takeover_works.html

NetApp have streamlined this feature as now there is no configuration, but the documentation is yet to catch up. There are a number of elements within newer platforms that you should be aware of:

1) Hwassist IP address is set to and - https://kb.netapp.com/onprem/ontap/hardware/Hwassist_IP_address_is_set_to_192.0.2.84_and_192.0.2.85
- The applicable storage systems implement HW-assisted storage failover by using a private and internal Ethernet network with statically assigned IP addresses.
- IP addressing for HW-assisted storage failover is not configurable on the applicable storage systems

2) New e0S interface on newer FAS and AFF storage systems - https://kb.netapp.com/onprem/ontap/hardware/What_is_the_ONTAP_e0S_interface
- A private and internal Ethernet-switched subnet exists between both ONTAP HA partners and both BMCs
- Features such as HW-assisted failover, ONTAP <-> BMC communications (IPMI), and BMC FW updates are performed over this private network

3) New e0M-16 interface on newer FAS and AFF storage systems - https://kb.netapp.com/onprem/ontap/hardware/What_is_the_ONTAP_e0M-16_interface
- e0M-16 is a hidden, internal ONTAP interface on a node that is used for communication with its service processor (SP) or baseboard management controller (BMC)
- e0M-16 (specifically using VLAN tag 16) is sharing the same physical internal Ethernet port as e0M, but is restricted to only communicate with its local SP or BMC, also on VLAN tag 16
- HW-assisted failover does not use e0M-16 when communicating with the partner's SP or BMC

I hope that this post will help people when searching for this error.



Thanks for posting this! 


really good info. 
We went ahead and put it ALL together in a single kb for further awareness. 


Hardware-assisted (HWassist) takeover - Resolution guide - NetApp Knowledge Base


thank you